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GAPS Cooking Weekends

Want to start the Gut and Psychology Syndrome™ (GAPS) healing protocol, but just don't know where to start? Confused by the stages and how to move from one to the other? Wondering how you are going to manage cooking all that stock? Here's your answer!!

Spend a weekend with GAPS Chef, Certified GAPS Practitioner and Certified Nutrition Consultant Monica Corrado learning all the cooking techniques you need to help bring your child or yourself to balance through food!

GAPS is the original "heal your leaky gut" diet!

The Immersion Weekends are Friday through Sunday, and require that the participants cook their way through the diet. Students stay together on-site. 

The Techniques Weekends are four classes that take place all day Saturday and Sunday, in a teaching kitchen. Classes are 8:30am - 5:30pm with a break for lunch. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recommended for you to take the Techniques Weekend prior to an Immersion Weekend. 

GAPS Cooking Immersion Weekend I:

Intro Diet

Join Monica and 9 others and immerse yourself in the cooking techniques needed to successfully apply the Intro Diet of the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet! Experience cooking and eating for the "Intro". You will leave with a solid foundation of the six stages of the Intro, how to cook for them, and how to move from one to the next. 

GAPS Cooking Immersion Weekend II:

Full GAPS Diet

During this weekend, you will learn through demonstration and experience. Cook and eat your way through the Full GAPS Diet. Learn the differences between Intro and Full, and come away ready to implement this diet at home with ease.  

GAPS Cooking Techniques Weekend

Here's what is covered:

  • An Introduction to the GAPS Healing Protocol: What it is, how it works
  • Making Meat Stock GAPS Style
  • Culturing Dairy GAPS Style
  • Fermentation GAPS Style
  • Basic Breads and Muffins: Baking GAPS Style

What students are saying:

"I had been following the GAPS protocol for two years and was so happy and excited to find Monica's class. You would think after all that time I would get it but there are some basics that are easy to overlook when you're trying to do it on your own. Monica's class brought me back to the basics and so much more! I highly recommend her class to anyone working with GAPS clients or wanting to learn about preparing traditional foods. Monica's humor and enthusiasm make for lots of fun and stimulating learning. The class is also very hands on. I was ready to dig in when I got home and go way beyond the basics. To top it off, Monica is genuinely interested in getting to know everyone in the class. She is truly a blessing in many ways!" - M. Brown, Level I graduate, 2016

"I learned so much. My biggest take-away: Trace any condition back to your bowels. Very eye-opening! After each event I feel totally supported and 'on the right track.' Your teaching is life-changing, Monica." - LR, Groton, MA, September 2012  

"Monica your delivery teaching style was great in the GAPS cooking class at Groton Wellness! I was honored to be a pupil in your class this past weekend. The next day on Monday, I tried a couple of techniques to my surprise one worked out! You have a wonderful future ahead with your talent in teaching the GAPS (and) other ways of cooking." - Anonymous, Groton, MA