Level I: Learn to Cook!

The objective of the Cooking for Well-Being Teacher Training program, Level I is to train students in traditional cooking techniques including their nutritional and health benefits in the required Cooking for Well-Being Basics classes. Students will also possess the knowledge base necessary to take Level II training to become a Traditional Foods Teacher. 


After successfully completing Level I training, students will earn the title Traditional Foods Cook. Level I is pre-requisite for Level II training. 

Read this letter to prospective students and the course syllabus.

Who would benefit from Level I:

•anyone who is serious about taking back their health through real food

•anyone who wants to learn how to cook nourishing, traditional food

•anyone who has been ill and is now seeking to strengthen and nourish the body

•health coaches and practitioners, including Nutritional Therapists, midwives, acupuncturists, herbalists, personal trainers and more

•moms, parents and caregivers

•college students


•those who would like to take Level II training in order to become a Traditional Foods Teacher


Those individuals who desire to teach who are familiar with traditional foods cooking and who have been implementing the cooking techniques with ease are perfect candidates for the Level I/II Intensive training. For the dates of the training, see the calendar


To enroll, please download, fill out and return these 3 forms:

  1. Enrollment Form
  2. Refund/withdrawal form

  3. Consent and waiver form


You may return the forms by email or via post.


If you are emailing, send to teachertraining@simplybeingwell.com


If you are sending via post, send to:

Simply Being Well LLC

PO Box 2203

Loveland, CO 80539

Attn: Teacher Training Program


3. Send in your payment by check or PayPal. Note: Save $50 by sending a check! Due to credit card processing fees, those that pay by PayPal will be charged an additional $50 for Early Bird and the full tuition.


Please note, enrollment is not complete until all forms and payment are received.


I look forward to cooking with you!