What students are saying:

"I have taken Monica's course and can't say enough positive about it. If you want to learn all there is to cooking traditional foods (plus more) in a fun, educational, relaxing way, run, don't walk to sign up. Monica has a unique gift and that gift is teaching. Her style is like no other and will leave you inspired, enlightened and motivated-on many levels. Her knowledge combined with her humor is off the charts! She gave me the confidence, knowledge and inspiration to not only cook, but to share and teach." — T. Baker Atkin, Level I and II graduate, 2016

"I had been following the GAPS protocol for two years and was so happy and excited to find Monica's class. You would think after all that time I would get it but there are some basics that are easy to overlook when you're trying to do it on your own. Monica's class brought me back to the basics and so much more! I highly recommend her class to anyone working with GAPS clients or wanting to learn about preparing traditional foods. Monica's humor and enthusiasm make for lots of fun and stimulating learning. The class is also very hands on. I was ready to dig in when I got home and go way beyond the basics. To top it off, Monica is genuinely interested in getting to know everyone in the class. She is truly a blessing in many ways!" - M. Brown, Level I graduate, 2016

"What a treat it was to spend four fabulous days with you and learn tons of rich, invaluable information, all the while having fun! Wow! Still in awe of you and the training! Thank you for all your work, energy, joy, love and grace! You are a gift!" - Ali Wright, NTP and trained chef, California, Level i and II graduate, 2014

"The amount of energy you put into the class was striking. You were 110% there, and you were very effective at keeping it moving, plowing through or over distractions, generally keeping things on track, sensing where everyone was at, and bringing everyone along with you… thank you so much for spending your weekend with us. I appreciate your care and love and energy, and I admire your talents! Traditional food is lucky to have you as a champion." - Alex Lewin, chef and author, Real Food Fermentation, MA, Level I graduate, 2014

"Love love love love loved this week! Can’t wait to go out and teach the world!" - Gigi Greene, Texas, Level I and II graduate, 2014

"Really fantastic information. Practical and understandable. Amazing instructor and group of people! Supportive learning environment." - Amy Robison, nutritionist, Texas, Level I and II graduate, 2014

"You are an amazing teacher.  I feel well prepared to take this information home and practice in my own kitchen. You have successfully taken the ‘mystery’ out of preparing traditional foods…I admire your presentation of materials. You have thorough knowledge of the subject and you share your information with such enthusiasm and clarity. It’s refreshing to be instructed by someone with such insight and the heart to bring such love to the topic." - Min Kim, California, Level I graduate, 2014

"Very very very much appreciated! Thank you! (You have helped me and changed my life.)" - Joan Reyda, Alberta, Canada, Level I graduate, 2014

"Monica’s class was proof positive that we can always learn more. I hosted this class as an accommodation to others in our community and walked away with inspiration and nuggets to use and share with my staff, clients, and friends. As a nutritionist with 15 years under my belt, I wholeheartedly recommend Monica’s classes to all practitioners desiring to empower their clients or patients. Monica is detailed, clear and engaging, not to mention humorous and very approachable. Love her!" - Kim Schuette, CN, Biodynamic Wellness, California, Vice President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Level I and II graduate, 2015

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I truly enjoyed this class more than anything I've ever taken. You are an amazing teacher and I'm so grateful that you came out to Yelm to teach us." - Annette Steward, NTP, WA, Level I and II graduate, 2014

"It was fantastic!" - Pat Sansom, NTP, WA, Level I graduate, 2014

"Thank you so much, Monica. It has been such a blessing to learn from you! Your willingness to share your knowledge is so inspiring. I am looking forward to our next adventure together!" - Cindy Arnold, NTP, WA, Level I and II graduate, 2014

For Level I/II and II: Learn to Teach!

"You are truly an inspiration to me. I love your energy, your passion, your support, your love. I feel empowered because of you. I feel as if you have given me a gift I can use to have my life dream come to fruition, thank you. You are truly an amazing person." - Amy Taladay, NTP, Pennsylvania

"Everything was fantastic. I feel so much more prepared to get out there and teach this important work to others. I have gained so much confidence in my knowing and believing traditional foods." - Caily Wolfenden, New Hampshire

“I really enjoyed this course and it was worth the 20+ hours of travel to be here and be inspired by your passion and enthusiasm, Monica! Your ripple has spread to Hong Kong and beyond! Thank you so much!” - Kate Mercurio, Hong Kong

“Thank you! I appreciated the energy that you brought to the class and to me. I am looking forward to the future with the teaching skills I have acquired. Thanks and blessings!”- Holly Chisolm, RN and NTP, California