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Want to cook nourishing, traditional food, but don't know how?

 This book tells you how in an easy to follow format.  This is my first book, the fruit of teaching more than five years of classes on traditional cooking techniques.  Every chapter outlines “what you need” for a technique and “how to” do the technique.  When you know the technique, you have the tools you need to feel confident in the kitchen!

Find answers to all these questions and more in with Love from Grandmother’s Kitchen!

  1. Crock fermentation vs. Jar fermentation?

  2. Why add whey?

  3. Which fats are best to cook with or heat?

  4. Why are saturated fats good for you? Which ones are best?

  5. What is tallow anyway?

  6. How about plastics?

  7. Uses for yogurt cheese

  8. What is a “good stock pot”?

  9. When is a bean a bean and a legume a legume?

  10. What is a stewing hen anyway?


This is not a recipe book.  It is not a typical cookbook. It is a “technique book”. 

Why did I write a technique book, you ask? Because that is what I do: I teach techniques. Anyone can read a recipe and follow it. Once you learn a technique, you can be a master of the kitchen!

Learn my “ten basic techniques” you need to know to cook traditional food:

  1. culturing dairy

  2. making whey

  3. making nutrient-dense stock

  4. lacto-fermentation

  5. salad dressings and marinades

  6. preparing deep green leafy vegetables

  7. soaking and preparing legumes

  8. soaking and preparing whole grains

  9. soaking and dehydrating nuts and seeds, and

  10. sprouting legumes, nuts and seeds

Testimonial after having received her first copy: “I love it! I love it! I love it! Your book is brilliant. It is well-organized and easy to follow. I just love the way you put this together. I would like to order 20 right now.” V. Rausch, CA

In with Love from Grandmother’s Kitchen, you will find WHATS, HOWS and WHYS; there are facts and useful charts and information throughout the book, as well as handy resources and references where you can find more information should you so desire.  Purchase your copy now!

For example, you will learn the technique of fermentation. You will learn what you need to ferment vegetables, fruits or beverages, and then how to do it. With this book, you can ferment anything! Go to the farmers market, look in your CSA share … look in your vegetable bin, and ferment! Yes, you can!

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The information contained in this book is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is provided for educational purposes only. You assume full responsibility for how you choose to use this information. Please note, the consumption of all foods, whether raw or cooked, pasteurized or unpasteurized,inherently carries some degree of risk.