Chef at Market, Greenbelt

ready to peel, seed and chop tomatoes! Last Sunday, I was Chef at Market at the Greenbelt Farmers Market. It's a great market with lots of local produce, ice cream, coffee, goat soap, bison...

We made Cultured SALSA, and I was dubbed the "Lacto-Fermentation Queen". Instead of killing all the enzymes, as CANNING does, CULTURING vegetables preserves and adds live enzymes and lacto-bacilli, those wonderful bacteria we all need in our gut to be well. The salsa was gone before you could say "lacto-fermentation"! (which, btw, refers to the lacto-bacilli, not milk!)

Here are some photos of the fun:

I am answering a very serious question about culturing!

and the crowd is mesmerized!

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