Fermented Roasted Garlic Sauce. OMG, I just tasted nirvana.

Yep. Sure did. Unmistakable. I had some leftover turkey (who didn't)? and wanted a little-special-something sauce. So I grabbed my mayo and I grabbed my FERMENTED ROASTED GARLIC and mixed them together in a bowl and dipped my turkey in and viola'! DELISH.  This sauce would be GREAT with roast beef, pork, or lamb. Just delightful! If you like horseradish sauce, you'll LOVE this fermented roasted garlic sauce! As you know, garlic is especially balancing during the season of autumn...and it is warming through the winter. Garlic is specifically healing to the lungs and respiratory systems...So be sure to include all types of garlic in your diet at least until springtime!

The fermented garlic recipe came from Nourishing Traditions. Sally calls it "pickled garlic". I have to say, it IS one of the more tedious ferments, not because you have to roast the garlic first. It's all that SQUISHING the roasted garlic out of the head that is messy and time consuming. That's the hardest part. But then, it's as easy as any ferment...a little good salt, a little whey, a couple of herbs, and a few days at room temp and you've got fermented roasted garlic.

...and you know what else you've got? ...lactobacilli, the" gut good guys" and enzymes just to start. And you thought all  you were doing was making a dipping sauce for that left-over cold turkey.  Enjoy.  ;)