Making pate' for 200 at Fourfold Healing

So I received a call last Monday that I needed to make pate' for about 200 people on Thursday for the Fourfold Path to Healing conference in Baltimore. I thought, "Fun! Fun! Fun!" and so it was. After a flurry of calculations and number crunching, I extended the recipes I had. (Most people don't know that chefs need to be mathematicians too!) Ordered 20 pounds of beef liver and 17 pounds of pork liver and everything needed, and I was off to Baltimore.

Here are some of the photos from growing those recipes. And yes, it was so much fun. AND delicious!! ("Delightful" one woman said, "best pate' I have ever had" said another...and from Sally Fallon Morell, "really good". Thanks, all! ) and special thanks to dear friend and "right arm", Susan Lucas, who was with me through it all!)