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Tending Your Inner Garden: Tools for Cultivating a Healthy Gut

Organic Grower's School 2018 Harvest Conference

Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, NC

True health begins and ends in the gut. In fact, there is mounting evidence that chronic illnesses such as cancer, depression, allergies, and autism spectrum disorder find their origin in the digestive system. The gut—which acts as a “second brain”—functions independently of the actual brain and plays a huge role in whether we struggle or thrive. In this accessible and non-clinical workshop, Monica Corrado—teaching chef, holistic nutritionist, and certified GAPS™ practitioner—will uncover the secrets of a traditional whole-foods diet and nutrient-dense cooking through simple, do-it-yourself techniques that address health issues holistically. This high-energy workshop is comprised of a lecture, cooking demos, tastings, and handouts that will help you will learn how to heal your gut.

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