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Learn to Cook at Houston Mountain Ranch!

Learn to Cook Nourishing, Traditional Foods!

Are you ready to learn the cooking techniques you need to cook nourishing, traditional foods for you and your loved ones?

In two days of classes, you will learn the cooking techniques--and the Why's--why you want to cook foods the traditional way, from scratch!

This is a perfect course for those who have never cooked traditional foods, for those who have dabbled, and for anyone who would like to obtain a deep foundation in the techniques.

During our two days together, you will take classes on the following traditional cooking techniques:

1. Culturing Dairy and Making Whey

  • The differences between raw dairy and pasteurized dairy
  • What it means to "culture" dairy
  • The benefits of culturing dairy
  • The techniques of making yogurt, creme friache, kefir, and cultured butter...and so much more!

2. The Technique of Lacto-fermentation: Vegetables, Fruits and Beverage

3. Making Nutrient-Dense Bone Broth AND Meat Stock

4. Making Beans, Grains, Nuts and Seeds Digestible!

...everything you need to know to cook traditional foods with confidence!

Seating is LIMITED. This is a special course and rate for Houston Mountain Ranch.

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