Why I love (fermented) condiments...!

I LOVE fermented condiments. Ketchup, mayonnaise, pickles...having just these three things in your pantry can revolutionize your diet and your digestion. "How?", you ask. "Is it possible that ketchup, mayonnaise and pickles can make that much of a difference?" YES, I say. They can. You have the ability to change these three everyday condiments from health detractors to health enhancers.

When you make a fermented condiment, you have added LIVE enzymes, good gut bacteria, and increased vitamins to your diet. When you replace store-bought, DEAD condiments (which every one of them in the DEAD ZONE of the store  is--organic or not, folks--)  with home made, LIVE condiments, you are taking one small step which has the potential to yield a tremendous impact.

Just think of it now, every grass-fed hamburger or baked sweet potato fry you eat with that LF ketchup is now more easily digested by your body. Every time you make cocktail sauce with your LF ketchup, it is LIVE. Every BBQ sauce you make with this ketchup....every time you make Russian dressing for salad or that Reuben sandwich, it is now adding to you health, instead of just adding more sugar to your diet. It is doing what condiments were originally MEANT to do, which is to HELP YOU DIGEST YOUR FOOD.ketchup ad

Same with the mayo! Make LF mayo at home, and your diet will now be rich in HEALTHY FATS. Yes, yes, YES! Mayo can be healthy! I make mine with a combo of coconut oil, olive oil and sesame oil, as foremost lipid chemist Mary Enig suggests, in Mary's Blend. Now every pastured chicken salad you make, every tuna salad, every turkey sandwich, every home-grown tomato with mayo, every dip or mayo based dressing  is GOOD FOR YOU.

How about those LF pickles you made yourself?! They don't just taste great, they ADD NUTRIENTS TO YOUR PLATE! and you can chop them into RELISH, so that every Polyface or farm hotdog you eat with relish is now easier to digest. And that Russian dressing is even better, now that it has your LF ketchup, LF mayo and LF pickles in it. You just can't lose, folks. Take those ordinary things that you use everyday, and turn them into health assets!