Why I LOVE pastured chicken...!

...because all it needed was a little good salt, and it was DEEEEEELISH. I had a four pound pastured chicken from Smith Meadows Farm at the Takoma Park Farmers Market, which was defrosted in my refrigerator and ready to cook. It was to be that evening's dinner, but I wasn't around to cook it.  So I called my dear husband, who sprinkled it with a little celtic salt and put it on a roasting rack in the oven at 350 (not even breast down to start!!!) One hour and 45 minutes later, the chicken was ready and on the table to eat. THE MOST SUCCULENT, flavor-full, delicious chicken I have ever eaten. And all it took was  one chicken raised on pasture, and good salt.

And of course, the BONES made the best, gelatin-rich chicken stock. (But that's the second reason why I love pastured chicken!)

Check out Smith Meadows Farms at http://www.smithmeadows.com/