Let's build some "fermentum"! Join me at FermFest 2010!

We knew it would happen! FERMENTATION is TAKING OFF!!! Folks are FINALLY getting that eating LIVE, FERMENTED foods are not only good for you, but DEEEEEELICIOUS!!!

Join me at FERMFEST 2010...The Takoma Park Backyard Fermentation Festival!

This Saturday, September 4, 2010 2pm to 5pm (rain or shine)

403 Elm Avenue, Takoma Park, MD

Spread the word!

Marvel at the wonders of fermentation!

Share & taste homemade live ferments made by local enthusiasts!

Witness time-tested fermentation techniques! (Note: live ferments are made without heat or vinegar)

Exchange cultures and recipes with your neighbors!

Homebrewers, children, cooks, and chemists welcome! and if it's in Taky Pahk, you KNOW it's going to be a GOOD TIME for all!!

I will be demonstrating what I call "JAR FERMENTATION"...Mike Henry, a sponsor of the event, will be demonstrating "CROCK FERMENTATION".

Let's build some fermentum!

Please pass along this invite to everyone and anyone you know who loves to ferment, wants to learn how to ferment, or is just wondering what all this fermentation is all about!!!

***Please RSVP if you plan to bring something for sampling*** so that we know how many tables to have available. RSVP (only if you're bringing something) to : takomafermfest[at]gmail[dot]com

I look forward to FERMENTING with you!!

and oh, BTW, rumors have it that the Post will be there...so let's show them some homegrown, hometown hospitality! And let's show them how much we LOVE our FERMENTS!