don't get a flu shot! drink the pickle juice!

  fermented cucumbers, aka "pickles"


(juice from FERMENTED pickles, of course! and I'm NOT kidding!)

So we are full swing in flu season. And many moms ask me whether I recommend flu shots for them or for the children. I NEVER recommend flu shots. For many reasons, not the least of which is that it is an INVASIVE practice. to keep you and your child well through flu season?  You KNOW I'm going to start with FOOD.  REAL food, as always...REAL food, nutrient-dense food.

How does eating REAL food keep you and your children well? When one eats PROCESSED FOOD, the body is not getting the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong. Eating PROCESSED FOOD also TAXES THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, because it is constantly having to counter the CHEMICAL TOXINS in the food. When the immune system is constantly under stress, it gets tired...the body gets tired...and the child or you get sick.

How else can REAL food help? I wasn't kidding in FERMENTS class this past Saturday when I suggested that people DRINK THE (fermented) PICKLE JUICE. Or the fermented sauerkraut juice. Or the whey straight off the yogurt. Or strain the yogurt to get a jar of whey and a cup or so of delicious yogurt cheese.   Fermented pickles and other "FERMENTS' are packed full of good bacteria--lactobacilli--the ones that keep you well.  The ones that help to keep your body in balance through ANY and EVERY season. So if you get a stomach ache or a flu bug,  DRINK your probiotics!  Whey, juice from fermented pickles or sauerkraut, or salsa...fermented punch or ginger ale...EAT your probiotics! The pickles, the sauerkraut, the apple butter, the KETCHUP! All fermented, all live, all packed FULL of GUT GOOD GUYS!

Don't get (or give) a flu shot! DRINK the (FERMENTED) PICKLE JUICE!!!

****Next class on MAKING THE KETCHUP...and other IMMUNE BOOSTERS, aka "FERMENTS" is Tuesday, November 2 in Oakton, Virginia at 9:30am. (Register HERE.)

...and if you are in a pickle because you are out of your own fermented pickles, pick up a jar of pickles at the store. First clue they are fermented--you will find them in the refrigerated section. Second clue, the only ingredients are cucumbers, water, salt and spices.  (No vinegar, no sugar, and NOT in the DEAD ZONE.)


Monica straining stock


and keep a look out for my next post...SERVE THE HOMEMADE STOCK!! (Next class on Making Nutrient-Dense Stocks in Great Falls, Virginia, on Saturday, November 6 at 9:30am. Register HERE.)